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Denica Ltd. manufactures spare parts and assembled units exact to the clients’ specifications with its own materials or with clients’ materials.

Most of our production is spare parts for forklifts and machine parts made of steel, cast iron, plastic, aluminium, bronze, brass, etc.


The company also produces rotationally symmetrical and prismatic items, as well as sheet metal products and cold-bent profiles.


We also provide heat processing and decorative coatings for the items.

 The company has flat and rotary grinding machines with maximum diameters of up to 180 mm and lengths of up to 1500 mm.


We have modern CNC lathes and milling machines with the capacity for serial production of items. The maintenance and programming of the machines are handled by our own team of engineers and trained specialists.


The company also has a wide range of universal machines that make it possible to produce small batches of unique parts.


The production team is led by qualified and certified engineers with years of experience in machine design and manufacturing.


The materials for the production of the details are supplied by certified supplier companies from the European Union



Diameter – up to 300 mm
Length - up to 1500 mm
One-off items - up to 2000 mm



Milling produced items – max dimensions l/w/h 1000/500/400 mm

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